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深田恭子 (un)touch 2/10

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1/100 Gundam Exia: Amazing Remodeling Work by Erix93. Full Photoreview No.33 Large or Big Size Images

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Dao Sword

  • Dated: early 20th Century
  • Culture: Chinese
  • Measurements: length 90.5 cm

The sword has a slightly curved, single-edged, damask blade, with a double groove, engraved with the effigy of a dragon on a face and ideograms on the other. It features a flat, brass hilt of lobed shape with relieved border, decorated with bas-relieved floral motifs en suite with all other mounts. The grip is black, made of wood while the wooden scabbard comes with mounts decorated en suite.

Source: Copyright © 2014 Czerny’s International Auction House S.R.L.

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Yoink ~!


Hello, reference folder! I’ve always thought that the elbowpiece of plate armor (Wikipedia tells me it is called a Cowter) is such an unusual shape. The progression here is so interesting and functional, but I can hardly imagine walking in all that metal.

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